22 Teas for Weight Loss – Choose the Best

For most people, the tea – it is a regular drink, they do not see the difference between black, white, green or red varieties. For them, the tea – it is finely minced powder, packed in bags of «Lipton» inscription, or a sweetened drink, poured into plastic bottles, which are sold in supermarkets.

Some People Like to Drink Tea More than Others

In Japan, the United Kingdom, and in Southeast Asia, the people know that teas have many nuances, and as varied as wine grapes. They differ from each other not only flavor but also health benefits: struggling with certain medical conditions increase the rate of metabolism, suppress hunger or struggling with stress, and reduce the size of fat cells. Taiwanese researchers for 10 years studied the health of 1,100 people and found that in the body of those who regularly drank tea, almost 20% less fat than those who did not drink!

Teas for Weight Loss

To you brewed yourself the best tea, and lose weight, we have prepared a selection of the most powerful “designer” waist from around the world. Read more, learn more, and get the most from every cup!

1. Green Tea

Green tea

Green tea literally burns fat. The researchers attributed this catechines property in green tea, namely EGCG – group of antioxidants which are “blown” fatty tissue repeatedly speeding up the rate of metabolism and release of fat from fat cells (especially in the abdomen) and enhancing the ability of the liver to cleave fat.

Studies have shown that the maximum effect can be achieved by combining the regular consumption of green tea with exercise. In one study, participants who daily drank 4-5 cups of green tea and 25 minutes doing sports, lost 1 kg more than those who only sweat in the gym.

2. Tea with lemon

Tea with lemon

The excess of salty foods and alcohol leads to the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area, but tea with lemon is struggling with this because of d-limonene. A compound that is contained in the rind of citrus oil, from ancient times it possible to use it as a diuretic. But until recently, it did not have any scientific evidence. A study on animals, published in the «Journal of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan», confirmed that d-limonene really reduces weight by removing excess water.

3. White Tea

White tea for weight loss

White tea is not only prevents the formation of new fat cells, it also increases the body’s ability to break down and use the existing fat for energy, according to a study published in the «Nutrition and Metabolism» magazine. Moreover, “the chemicals in tea protect the skin from stress induced by the sun, preventing their damage and premature aging,” – said Elma Baron, MD, author of the study. If you want to use white tea outside, try to wipe the skin with extract before applying sunscreen.

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