22 Teas for Weight Loss – Choose the Best

22. Matcha


This tea is made from the leaves of Japanese Tench, and then ground in a bright green fine powder, match literally means “powdered tea”. Studies show that the concentration of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in a match in 137 times higher than in most types of product sold in green tea. EGCG – is the best friend for those on a diet: experiments prove that the compound can simultaneously increase lipolysis (fat splitting) and block lipogenesis (the formation of fat cells), especially in the abdominal area. One study found that men who drink the green tea containing 136 mg per serving EGCG, lost more weight double than in the placebo group (-2.4 kg vs. -1.4 kg) and four times visceral (abdominal) fat for 3 months. You can prepare for a traditional tea powder, Zen monks prepared which in 1191, or enjoy the trendy drinks – latte, milk and fruit cocktails with this addition. Need another reason to drink this tea? One serving contains 4 grams of protein – more than egg white!

So as you can there are an enormous amount of teas for speed up your weight loss. Think and choose the best.