22 teas for weight loss – choose the best !!!

22 teas for weight loss – choose the best !!!

For most people, the tea – it is a regular drink, they do not see the difference between black, white, green or red varieties. For them, the tea – it is
finely minced powder, packed in bags of «Lipton» inscription, or a sweetened drink, poured into plastic bottles, which are sold in supermarkets.

Some people like to drink tea more than others

In Japan, the United Kingdom, as well as in Southeast Asia, the people know that teas have many nuances, and as varied as wine grapes. They are very different from each other not only flavor, but also health benefits: struggling with certain medical conditions increase the rate of metabolism, suppress hunger or struggling with stress, as well as reduce the size of fat cells. Taiwanese researchers for 10 years studied the health of 1,100 people and found that in the body of those who regularly drank tea, almost 20% less fat than those who did not drink!

yerba mate tea top herb 1 - 22 teas for weight loss - choose the best !!!

Teas for weight loss

To you brewed yourself the best tea, and at the same time lose weight, we have prepared a selection of the most powerful “designer” waist from around the world. Read more learn more and get the most from every cup!


Green tea

Green tea literally burns fat. The researchers attributed this catechines property contained in green tea, namely EGCG – group of antioxidants which are “blown” fatty tissue repeatedly accelerating the rate of metabolism and release of fat from fat cells (especially in the abdomen) and enhancing the ability of the liver to cleave fat .

oolong tea for slimming 1 - 22 teas for weight loss - choose the best !!!

Studies have shown that the maximum effect can be achieved by combining the regular consumption of green tea with exercise. In one study, participants who daily drank 4-5 cups of green tea and 25 minutes doing sports, lost 1 kg more than those who only sweat in the gym.

2 Tea with lemon

Tea with lemon

The excess of salty foods and alcohol leads to the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area, but tea with lemon is struggling with this because of d-limonene. A compound that is contained in the rind of citrus oil, from ancient times it possible to use it as a diuretic. But until recently, it did not have any scientific evidence. A study on animals published in the «Journal of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan», confirmed that d-limonene really reduces weight by removing excess water.

3 WHITE TEA2strong>

White tea for weight loss

White tea is not only prevents the formation of new fat cells, it also increases the body’s ability to break down and use the existing fat for energy, according to a study published in the «Nutrition and Metabolism» magazine. Moreover, “the chemicals in tea protect the skin from stress induced by the sun, preventing their damage and premature aging,” – said Elma Baron, MD, author of the study. If you want to use white tea outside, try to wipe the skin with extract before applying sunscreen.


Black tea for weight loss
Italian researchers have found that a cup of black tea a day improves the cardiovascular system, and the more you drink the tea, the more benefits get! For example, you can raise a few kilos more than usual. A study published in «Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences» magazine showed that drinking 600 ml of black tea every day causes the body to produce five times more interferon, which is a key element of the immune defense of the human body.

And forget about dairy products. The research described in the «European Heart Journal», found that black tea itself improves blood circulation and dilates the blood vessels, and adding milk has the opposite effect.

5 Tea with Valerian

Sleeping – this is an excellent means of struggle against excess weight. Lack of sleep (even one hour) for three days, have negative effect on the hormone that regulates hunger and appetite – ghrelin. Adequate sleep, on the other hand – is the fuel for the synthesis of hormones that burn fat.

Valerian – an herb that has a mild sedative that has been known for a long time, but only now been confirmed by research.

6 TEA ashwagandha

Tea ashwagandha improves your mood and reduces stress hormones, which can cause damage to your waistline. In a study published in the «Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine», it was revealed that the “root ashwagandha extract safely and effectively improves the resistance to stress and thus self-assessment of quality of life improves.” If you want to lose weight, stress, you can prevent this. A recent study at Penn State University found that people who react negatively to stress, suffer from high levels of inflammation in the body, and it is directly related to obesity as well as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. When a person has increased anxiety, the body falls under the influence of stress hormones, one of which is cortisol, known as the “hormone of visceral fat” because of its ability to “pull” the lipids from the blood and store them in fat cells.

7 oolong tea

Oolong tea for weight loss

The main weapon of Oolong tea – is the ability to fight against weight gain by preventing the absorption of fat. Japanese scientists have found that high levels of antioxidants – polymerized polyphenol specific to Oolong tea – inhibits the body’s ability to absorb fat by nearly 20%. Taiwanese researchers studied more than 1,100 people over 10 years, found that those who drank black, green tea or oolong tea once or several times a week, almost 20% less body fat than those who did not drink tea. Oolong furthermore prevents the increase in blood pressure, reducing the risk of hypertension by as much as 65%!

8 TEA blueberry

Tea with blueberry slimming

Blueberries – a cousin of blueberries from Northern Europe – according to a study published in the journal «Molecular Nutrition & Food Research», can reduce inflammation induced by excess fat. To arrive at these conclusions, the researchers divided the participants into two experimental groups: one group stick to a diet that included 1.5 cups of blueberries, while the second group adhered to the control diet, which did not include berries. At the end of the study in the first group it was revealed significantly fewer signs of inflammation. Since the berry grows only in northern Europe and in other parts of the world it is not sold, in order to take advantage of a blueberry, it can be replaced by several cups of tea with blueberries.



Rooibos tea is made from leaves of the “red bush”, which grows only in a small region of South Africa’s Cedarberg, near Cape Town. What makes rooibos tea is especially helpful? Unique powerful flavonoid called aspalatin. According to South African researchers, polyphenols and flavonoids found in the leaves, inhibits lipogenesis – the formation of new fat cells – by as much as 22%. The chemicals also increase fat metabolism. In addition, rooibos is sweet, so do not need to add sugar to it. Technically, it’s not even tea – is a herbal infusion.



Mate tea is known for its potent thermogenic effect, meaning it completely changes the mechanism of burning calories and contributes to the loss of excess weight by increasing insulin sensitivity. In a recent study, participants were divided into two groups. Members of one group get the placebo 60 minutes prior to training, and the other – with the capsule 1000 mg mat. The researchers found that those who consumed mate, was more pronounced beneficial effect of physical activity on the metabolism. In addition, this drink seemed to steroids, it contains up to 90% of the known anticancer antioxidants mixture of B vitamins, as well as a large amount of chromium, which helps to stabilize blood sugar.

11 Mint tea


Peppermint tea can be a real snack. Fill a large cup of soothing mint tea and smell it! It is known that certain smells can trigger hunger, others can suppress appetite. One study, published in the «Journal of Neurological and Orthopaedic Medicine», found that men who sniffed peppermint every two hours, and he lost an average of 2.5 kg per month. In the usual tea contains caffeine is relatively small – only about 25% of what is contained in a cup of coffee, but you can drink mint tea to calm down before bedtime.

12 Tea with chamomile and lavender

Chamomile and lavender tea protects against fatigue and depression by reducing the stress that comes with insomnia. This prevents the increase in systemic inflammation, which is linked to obesity and high blood sugar. One German study found that chamomile tea significantly alleviates the symptoms associated with chronically sleep-deprived. Other research has shown that this tea improves the quality of daily wakefulness in people who suffer from lack of sleep. Here’s a fun fact: despite the fact that it is the most popular tea for sleeping, there is no evidence that chamomile improves the length and quality of sleep.

13 TEA From Goji Berries

Tea with Goji berries enhances burning calories by 10%.
Lycium barbarum – the plant from which the collected goji berries – used in traditional Asian medical therapy in the treatment of diabetes, and also leads to weight loss. In a study published in the «Journal of the American College of Nutrition», participants received either one serving of fruit or placebo after a meal. The researchers found that one hour after eating goji rate of calorie burning was 10% higher than in the placebo group. The effect lasted up to four hours! You can mixed goji tea with green tea, that cause further enhancing fat-burning effect.

14 Ginger tea

Ginger – is one of the most valuable spices in the world. According to numerous studies ginger is traditionally used to relieve pain in the stomach, blocking the work of several genes and enzymes in the body that contribute to weight gain. This means that you can enjoy in nutritious vegetables, or not having to worry about anything. If you prefer the taste of Chai tea, which is prepared from a mixture of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and ginger, then you can be happy: it has similar properties, but to a lesser degree.

15 Tea with Burberry / Burberry London Tea


This tea is a godsend for those who want to lose weight. The stem, root and fruit bushes Barberry contains berberine – a powerful natural compound that burns fat. The experiment was conducted by Chinese researchers showed that berberine can prevent weight gain and development of insulin resistance in rats that consume large amounts of fat. Previous studies have also shown that the use of the plant may increase power consumption and reduce the number of receptors on the surface of fat cells, which makes them less prone to absorption of fat from the blood.

16 kava kava


Kava kava helps get rid of disturbing thoughts. In one study, 120 mg kava kava daily for 6 weeks, used on the patients suffering from stress-induced insomnia. The results show a statistically significant improvement in the sleep process, duration of sleep and mood during wakefulness. When you’re anxious, your body is under stress. Therefore, anxiety is a powerful incentive for weight gain.

A recent study in «Eating and Weight Disorders» magazine noted that concerns – is “one of the most important factors associated with weight gain.” In fact, two-thirds of people with eating disorders suffer from anxiety. But the long-term consumption of large amounts of kava kava can cause toxic damage to the liver. Kava-kava should be only one component of a balanced scheme to combat obesity.

17 Puer TEA


This fermented Chinese tea can literally reduce the size of fat cells! In order to discover these abilities, Chinese researchers divided rats into five groups and fed them different diets for two months. In addition to the control group was the group that was fed a lot of fat without tea, and three additional groups of rats that were fed a high-fat diet with different doses of the extract Puer tea. Researchers have found that tea significantly reduces the concentration of triglycerides (fat potentially dangerous blood) and fat in the abdominal area. Despite the fact that tea can have different effects on different people, listed above is enough to understand that the time spent on the preparation of a steaming hot cup of tea, worth it.

18 fennel tea


According to the research «Journal of Food Biochemistry» in 2015, the plant Foeniculum vulgare, which is more commonly known as fennel, has a pronounced anti-inflammatory properties. In folk medicine, it has long been used to treat flatulence and other gastrointestinal problems. Although the US National Institutes of Health did not confirm the effectiveness of fennel, German Commission E – the official government agency like the FDA, which is studying the properties of herbs – it says that the plant can be really effective against flatulence.

19 TEA cola nuts


With the amount of caffeine, more than coffee, these teas literally “kick” metabolism. In a study published in the journal «Physiology & Behavior», an increase of 3-4% in metabolic rate was measured on the lean and obese subjects after a single dose of 100 mg of caffeine. Look for teas made from this caffeine – containing fruit.

20 Tea with hops


Drink this tea and chill out. Hops, the beer ingredient – a sedative plant, which is due to the pharmacological activity, especially bitter resins contained in the leaves. Hops increases the activity of the neurotransmitter GABA, which helps fight anxiety. New research suggests that just with the right food choices we will become calmer. 18% of the population suffers from some form of anxiety disorder, and experts say that any day anxiety can quickly escalate into devastating psychiatric condition.

21 Hibiscus TEA


High blood pressure, fullness, lack of self-confidence – this tea can cope with all this. According to numerous studies, flavonoids and other compounds found in hibiscus are able to deal with excess fat, affecting similar to aldosterone – a hormone that regulates water balance and electrolyte balance. Enjoy a cup of Hibiscus tea and watch as your roundness, slowly but surely disappear.



This tea is made from the leaves of Japanese Tench, and then ground in a bright green fine powder, match literally means “powdered tea”. Studies show that the concentration of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in a match in 137 times higher than in most types of product sold in green tea. EGCG – is the best friend for those on a diet: experiments prove that the compound can simultaneously increase lipolysis (fat splitting) and block lipogenesis (the formation of fat cells), especially in the abdominal area. One study found that men who drink the green tea containing 136 mg per serving EGCG, lost more weight double than in the placebo group (-2.4 kg vs. -1.4 kg) and four times visceral (abdominal) fat for 3 months. You can prepare for a traditional tea powder, which was prepared by Zen monks in 1191, or enjoy the trendy drinks – latte, milk and fruit cocktails with this addition. Need another reason to drink this tea? One serving contains 4 grams of protein – more than egg white!

21 Photos of the 22 teas for weight loss – choose the best !!!

yerba mate tea top herb 1 - 22 teas for weight loss - choose the best !!!white tea be fit 1 - 22 teas for weight loss - choose the best !!!Valerian 1 - 22 teas for weight loss - choose the best !!!tea with lemon clean body 1 - 22 teas for weight loss - choose the best !!!Red tea easy way for loose waight 1 - 22 teas for weight loss - choose the best !!!Puerh Tea helps your body at all 1 - 22 teas for weight loss - choose the best !!!oolong tea for slimming 1 - 22 teas for weight loss - choose the best !!!mint herb help to be fit 1 1 - 22 teas for weight loss - choose the best !!!matcha tea burning fats 1 - 22 teas for weight loss - choose the best !!!kola nuts great for loose waight 1 - 22 teas for weight loss - choose the best !!!kava kava helps to be fit 1 1 - 22 teas for weight loss - choose the best !!!hops tea to be fit 1 1 - 22 teas for weight loss - choose the best !!!hibiscus tea great tea for your body 1 - 22 teas for weight loss - choose the best !!!green tea burning fats 1 - 22 teas for weight loss - choose the best !!!goji berries excellent choice for slimming 1 1 - 22 teas for weight loss - choose the best !!!chamomile and lavender tea to be fit 1 1 - 22 teas for weight loss - choose the best !!!fennel for slimming 1 1 - 22 teas for weight loss - choose the best !!!Blueberry Tea good choise for loose waight 1 1 - 22 teas for weight loss - choose the best !!!Black tea 1 - 22 teas for weight loss - choose the best !!!Barberries woman eat it for slimming 1 - 22 teas for weight loss - choose the best !!!


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