The Best Teas for Losing Weight Fast

What Weight Loss Drink is More Effective

There is no doubt that green tea and ginger tea are the best for loosing weight quickly. But are there other teas that are effective too? Some experts say that very good tea for weight loss is oolong. It can help you lose weight in a few months without strict diets. Weight loss in 2 weeks may become true.

Herbal Slimming – Additional Herbs

Herbal teas are traditionally recognized as an effective means for weight loss. There are a lot of mixtures and recepies. The easiest way is to brew one plant’s roots or one herb. The most effective and safe tea are made of dandelion roots and St. John’s wort (Hypericum).

To reduce the level of cholesterol and suppress the appetite, it is recommend the mixtures of fennel, elderberry, chamomile, mint and limes in equal amounts. To make the drink, brew that mixture. Take two cups of tea every day. Please remember, that before applying any homemade remedy, you should get professional advice.

Pu-erh is very good for weight loss

Exotic Tea – Chinese Slimming Tea Pu-erh

The increasing popularity of puer tea can be explained very easy. It is one of the most valuable kinds of tea. Its value, besides the unique taste, provides a strong effect on the health and the ability to lose weight fast.

The Chinese recognize pu-erh tea as a panacea for many diseases of the digestive and cardiovascular systems, a great help in dealing with stress. In addition, pu-erh provides a positive effect on skin. It is also an effective antioxidant, rich in vitamins, essential oils, amino acids, which remove toxins and help burn fat.

Teas for Losing Weight Fast – Recipes

Herbal Slimming Tea with Melissa

This tea has a pleasant taste. It contains essential oil that reduces blood pressure. Melissa tea can be also use as a cold home remedy. Melissa has the ability to speed up the metabolism, that helps in weight loss. To make a drink, you need one tablespoon of Melissa and one tablespoon of lemon balm. You also need 2 cups of boiled water. Mix all the ingredients and let the drink brew for an hour.

Ginger Tea for Weight Loss

For this tea recipe, you need green tea brewed for five minutes. Pour green tea into a thermos bottle and add a bit of dry ginger. This tea helps to get rid of extra pounds very quickly, and in addition, it improves your immunity.

Raspberry for fat burning

Raspberry Fat Burning Tea

This is a simple recipe. To make fat burning tea, take a table spoon of chopped raspberry leaves and pour a cup of water. Then boil the mixture and let it cool down for about a quarter of an hour. The tea is ready. You may add some fresh berries in it. Enzymes in the leaves of raspberry regulate metabolism and reduce hunger. This drink is saturated with vitamins.

Apple Tea for Weight Loss

To make this healthy weight loss drink, brew black tea as you always do. Add one sour apple chopped in advance. Let it brew for about ten minutes. Enjoy the wonderful taste of the drink. With the help of this tea, you can take care of your blood vessels and get rid of excess cholesterol.

Let’s drink healthy and natural drinks to boost the health and lose weight effectively and fast.

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