Tea Mate

Tea Mate

Not everyone knows that you can get a great energy boost, drinking a cup of tea mate. This variety of green tea is made from the crushed leaves and shoots of the Paraguayan holly.
However, apart from the tonic effect, is also effective use of this drink for losing weight. It is necessary to learn more about the benefits of Yerba mate and how to cook it properly.

Use mate

Scientists have conducted many different experiments and were able to prove that this drink really helps reduce weight.
Substances that are found in the mat, accelerate the process of removing the fat cells and harmful elements from the body, reducing the appetite. Furthermore, the drink has a very low calorie. Keep in mind that favor the mat, in the process of weight loss, can bring only when combined with the use of exercise and observance of proper nutrition.

In addition to weight loss, mate benefit applies too processes in the body.

• Reduced fatigue mental and physical character.
• Prevention of atherosclerosis formation.
• Improvement of the general state of all cardie – vascular system.
• Increase in body tone.

How to brew mate

Not everyone knows how to brew mate by all the rules.
The traditional method involves the use of brewing calabash – a special container, which is required to fill the tea by two-thirds, then the hole closed hand and calabash well shaken, after which the vessel is tilted, and the leaves are deposited in the same side. To the opposite side puts special metal tube fish is. Only after that the vessel can be put on the table vertically.
Water inlet temperature must not exceed eighty degrees. Pour it should be so that the water level coincides with the level of tea in the calabash.

Thus it is necessary to plug the hole in the tube, so that welding is not hammered into it. After a few minutes, you need to completely fill the vessel with water. Moving a vessel to mix with tea and yerba mate is prohibited. If there is no calabashes, we can take any other capacity.

Mate tea is suitable not only water but also the milk is heated to sixty degrees, then, without removing from the heat capacity of the milk, it is added to tea leaves and everything is thoroughly mixed. It is important to prevent the boiling liquid.

Tea should insist no longer than two minutes, after which the drink is filtered and poured into a cup. Some people like to drink yerba mate iced-tea, syrup or sugar. The rest of the tea leaves can be reused up to loss of taste.
It is the most delicious yerba mate is obtained only after the fourth infusion.
Drink tea should be immediately after cooking. If too long to press the drink, it will be too bitter.

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