Chicory against Obesity

Chicory against Obesity

In wildlife chicory looks like a surprisingly delicate flower of blue color, with the root system, the use of which is possible in traditional medicine and in homeopathy.
The use of chicory is invaluable. It can be used to cure diseases of the central nervous system, liver and kidneys.
The most common is the replacement of the usual coffee chicory, which also gives a sense of cheerfulness each morning. However, many of the fair sex is concerned, is it possible to use chicory diet.

Effect of Chicory

Chicory diet does produce visible effects. The drink, which is obtained from the decoction of chicory root, contributes to a significant acceleration of metabolism, thus helping the body digest food eating, and use the energy with it, instead of accumulating body fat in the hips and waist.
Chicory is a wonderful drink that can help in obesity, as sixty percent in its composition takes inulin, providing great benefit to the body.
Using this substance occurs treatment of diabetes, to reduce the amount of sugar in the composition of human blood. The lower the level, the longer there is no appetite, no overeating, and weight loss occurs much faster.

Proper use of chicory while dieting is important since only the root of this plant has wonderful properties that help get rid of obesity.
However, if instead of the root system to start the application of color of this plant, the appetite will increase markedly.

Contraindications and benefits

The use of chicory diet often has great benefits, making the person restrained, calm, but at the same time maintaining his good mood and giving courage.
Furthermore, chicory diuretic and cholagogue properties. However, despite all the benefits that chicory has a slimming and body as a whole, at the roots of this plant are its contraindications.

¤ Individual intolerance.

¤ Diseases of the circulatory system. In this case, the use of the drink from chicory is allowed only after consulting a specialist.

¤ Gastro – intestinal tract in the chronic form. Application is possible only by the result of consulting a doctor.

¤ Large stones located in the kidney, kidney stone disease.

¤ Varicose veins.

If there are any – any contraindications should not start applying chicory diet.
Do not worry, you can always pick up an agent with similar properties, it has a great advantage during weight loss and have good taste. In nature, there are several hundred different plants that can be used for any purpose.

Chicory from obesity. Diet

The use of chicory to produce weight loss is very simple. It suffices to each meal, for twenty or thirty minutes, drink half a glass of this drink, which is not only tasty, but also is of great benefit.

Application is possible both natural and soluble species of this plant. Preference should be given to what is most convenient.

Preparation of broth will have no difficulty. Suffice it to boil for ten minutes two root plants, filled two glasses of plain water.

After that, the broth should be cool, to get out of his roots and the resulting drink is a good strain.

It is not necessary to hope that without dieting weight loss possible with the help of the use of only one and a half glasses of the drink every day.

If you do not exclude from their usual diet of sandwiches with sausage and mayonnaise, cakes, candies and cookies, you get no benefit will not succeed.
It is necessary to reduce the overall calorie content of their meals, to give up sweetened drinks, fast food, canned food and smoked products with a high calorie sweets. Only this, will be a reduction in weight and finding the ideal figure.

Enhance the effect can be, adding to the usual routine of your day from thirty to sixty minutes of normal walking. It will not be difficult, you just get out of the vehicle at one stop earlier than you need to and walk to any store. This simple method will help speed up weight loss.