Chamomile Tea – Drink, Rinse, and Get Well

Chamomile Tea – Drink, Rinse, and Get Well

Black, green, white, red – a variety of teas is simply amazing, but after all these familiar, too types of tea are not always so useful and tasty, such as tea from lemon balm, mint, lime, chamomile or other herbs.

What can compare with the aroma of freshly brewed chamomile same? And the taste? Rich, a little tart, diluted with a spoon of honey – it is possible to argue that such a “combination” please any gourmet

However, chamomile tea – it’s not just tea. In the right hands it is – a very useful and fairly effective medicine, which has a mass of useful properties. So how do you make of the traditional daily drink useful medicine?

Drink chamomile tea and get rid of ailments!

How to prepare the drink

You can use chamomile, or, if it is possible – to collect this simple harvest and dry it thoroughly. Thus, you will not only be sure of the quality of the product, but also save money on buying it.

To make chamomile tea, you will need:

1 teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers and 200 ml of boiled water. Pour the chamomile boiled water, cover the cup saucer and leave to infuse for up to 15 minutes.

Then strain, add, if desired, a spoonful of honey and a slice of lemon. This tea can be drunk twice a day, and if chamomile brew for the night, along with mint, as a result you will receive an excellent sedative.

You can also cook a healing infusion of chamomile:3 tablespoons of flowers (put in an enamel saucepan) pour 1 cup of hot boiled water, insist on a boiling water bath for about 15 minutes. Broth, cool, strain. You should get 200 ml infusion. If the moisture to evaporate, add broth to the amount of boiled water, which is lacking to produce 200 ml infusion

The infusion of chamomile, as well as tea, has a therapeutic effect, but in view of the fact that the concentration of therapeutic substances into the infusion rate exceeds the concentration of therapeutic substances in the tea infusion is then more pronounced therapeutic effect and can be used for the treatment of serious diseases sufficient:

  • gastritis,
  • enterocolitis,
  • colds,
  • inflammatory diseases of the gall bladder, and
  • liver.

In the treatment of these diseases, infusion is taken orally in 1/3 cup three times a day (after eating). The duration of treatment depends on the disease and the efficacy of chamomile infusions in each case. When all of the above disease states can take chamomile tea. However, in this case the therapeutic effect occurs much later and will be less pronounced.

In addition to the beneficial effect for all of the above diseases, chamomile has also other not less valuable properties:

It has an anticonvulsant effect, choleretic, carminative, normalizes the intestinal microflora. It has analgesic effect (effective for migraines, painful menstruation, can be used as a weak infusion to relieve pain in children during teething). It has a calming effect,
lowers blood sugar levels (effective in the fight against diabetes).

Curious as to what is used externally camomile tea?

Chamomile has good antiseptic properties, which are widely used in folk medicine for the treatment of angina, konyuktivita, stomatitis, and even the common cold.

Enough effective treatment for angina is a regular gargling with warm chamomile extract, chamomile and reception inside in the form of warm tea weak concentration.

Gargling with infusion of chamomile is also very effective for stomatitis.

And in the case of conjunctivitis used gadgets – cotton pads soaked in warm chamomile extract, which are applied for some time (10-15 minutes) to the eyes. This procedure should be performed at least 3-4 times a day until complete recovery.

The good effect is also observed after washing the eyes with warm infusion of chamomile weak concentration. Remember that should be moving from the outer edge to the inner cushion and wash the other eye should be used for each eye. A good tool in the fight against the common cold are nasals lavage the regular infusion of chamomile weak concentration.

During the procedure uses a syringe without a needle. Sufficient for one wash of 5 ml infusion are introduced slowly into each nostril. The procedure should be performed at least three times a day.

Chamomile is also often used in cosmetology. Washing with ice cubes made from chamomile, will give your face a fresh look. In this case, the skin is feeling the effects of the two components – the ice (increases the tone of the skin cells) and chamomile (helps fight inflammation and redness on the face caused by these same inflammation).

Daisy can be used for making homemade cosmetics. If you are interested, follow the link. Often, chamomile tea is also used as a natural conditioner for hair.

If you carry out this procedure at least twice a week, then a month later it will be a noticeable improvement in the condition of hair – they will be more silky and shiny. A warm bath with chamomile extract and a few drops of food are an effective preventive measure in the fight against fungal formations on the nails.

Chamomile also helps strengthen nails and healing mikrotreschinok on the skin of the feet.

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