Tibetan Tea

Tibetan tea is a unique herbal drink. It provides healing effect on the human body and our health. What do we know about it? Tibetan tea is a collections of herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. The proportion of different herbs in the recipe have been verified by practice.

In the past, the composition of the tea included plants and herbs in pure form, without synthetic impurities and adding flavorings. Tibetan tea in a modern version keeps the same harmonious combination and combines spiritual wealth of Tibet and processing of advanced technology.

Tibetan tea depending on its composition provides gentle purposeful effect on the body and optimizes metabolism. It can be used with great success for boosting the immune system, weight loss and prevention or treatment of some diseases. There are some different variations of Tibetan tea.

Cleansing Tibetan Tea

Its unique properties are the result of the interaction of the useful qualities of birch buds, St. John’s wort, chamomile flowers and Helichrysum. This tea can offer remarkable changes to your body if you take it during dome period of time regularly.

You can easy activate your metabolism, cleanse your body from toxins, strengthen your blood vessels and normalize your blood pressure. Homeopathic and herbal Tibetan tea can help with multiple sclerosis and prevent heart attack and hypertension.

Some research say that cleansing Tibetan tea is very useful for diabetics. The course is recommended every five years. There are varieties of this tea with adding strawberry leaves and Calendula flowers.

Slimming Tibetan Tea

Tibetan tea can be very effective for weight loss. It includes the most proven medicinal plant like nettle, echinacea, chamomile, supplemented linden bark, leaf laurel, berries and rose hips. This exquisite combination gives the antioxidant properties of green tea. As you know green tea is really effective in a case of weight loss. You can read more articles about weight loss here.

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