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Tibetan Tea

Tibetan Tea

Tibetan tea – a unique set of healing properties for the health!

Tibetan tea is a whole series of collections of herbs in traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions. The proportion of different herbs in the recipe for centuries have been verified by practice. The composition of the commission included plants and herbs in pure form, without synthetic impurities and adding flavorings.
Tibetan tea in a modern design harmoniously combine spiritual wealth of Tibet and the possibility of plant raw material collection and processing of advanced technology.

Tibetan tea, depending on the composition provide gentle purposeful effect on the body, optimize metabolism. They can be used with great success for maintaining the immune system, achieving a harmonious weight, for the prevention or to the treatment of any diseases.

Tibetan tea “Cleansing”

Its unique properties are the result of the interaction of the useful qualities of birch buds, St. John’s wort, chamomile flowers and Helichrysum.

Take it should be a course during which the organism remarkable changes. The fatty sheath around the heart, liver, kidney and pancreas simply dissolves, freeing them from close captivity. Activates the process of metabolism, toxins leave the body without resistance.
The walls of blood vessels become elastic, as a young man; lost annoying noise in the head and stops tedious dizziness.
Herbal, at first glance a simple, stops the progression of multiple sclerosis, prevents heart attack and hypertension. In the kidney, disappearing environment for the formation of stones, but the stones themselves are starting to leave.

Cleansing tea is very useful for diabetics. The course is recommended every five years. There are varieties of this tea, which adds another strawberry leaves and calendula flowers. In my article about herbal teas, as a means to cleanse the body, and can learn about other components used for this purpose.

Tibetan tea “Slimming”

It includes the most proven folk medicinal plant practice. Nettle, echinacea, chamomile supplemented linden bark, leaf laurel, berries and rose hips. This exquisite combination gives the antioxidant properties of green tea. This is – one of the proven and effective teas for weight loss. He cites the intestinal peristalsis in a state of active functioning, normalizes the stomach.
With its soft assistance body gets rid of excess fluid. It is easy and stress-free start to work the kidneys, urinary and gallbladder.
Labor efficiency and the liver, helping to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins and poisons.

Joints back flexibility.
Blood gets rid of viscous cholesterol. And the result of this titanic works of the whole body is a welcome weight reduction.tea for weight loss application course is designed for one and a half months. During this time, it guaranteed weight loss of ten percent as a minimum. An additional effect of tea – cleansing the skin surface from various problems, loss of halitosis, easing allergic reactions.
Man forgets what insomnia.

Tibetan tea “to clean the liver”

Healing foundation herbal drink made of Baikal skullcap, thoroughwax Chinese in combination with mint and honey grass that is stevia. A decoction of the herb promotes the revitalization of the liver, have negative load from the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, too fat and too high-calorie food, as well as the side-effects of prolonged use of medications.

Herbs protect and strengthen the liver, appears harmful toxins. Liver cells are restored, the body younger eyes.

At the same time strengthens the spleen, virtually heals stomach. Clears the skin from external defects, rash disappears. Inflammatory processes are terminated. Tea normalizes the nervous system response to various stimuli.

It is recommended taking people too are fond of alcohol and tobacco. However, it is perfectly suitable for the prevention, strengthening the liver and stimulates the production of bile. Its action and appreciate the people who are forced to eat in public catering enterprises because of employment at work or frequent trips.

Tibetan tea “Rejuvenating”

Collection was the result of a harmonious combination of immortelle sandy, St. John’s wort, birch buds, grasses Repeshko and marigold flowers. It provides rejuvenation of the body due to the withdrawal of all sorts of toxins and waste products.
Its properties are reduced inhibited the metabolism; cleaned and younger cells of the whole organism. Man feels lightness, a surge of strength and activity, increased work capacity, life was returning lost paint. Of course, most consumers this healing drink – women.
After a course of treatment with this collection together women mention the return of mobility, weight reduction, cardinal improvement of the skin condition of the face.
The skin is fresh, velvety to the touch, smooth out and become imperceptible wrinkles, unpleasant wrinkles.

Exit fatigue, excessive irritability, nervousness. Man forgets the painful headaches. When the body is released from the slagging, is interrupted by premature aging process, renewable energy deficiency.

First, weaken, and then by disappearing allergic reactions, rashes. It becomes possible to get rid of chronic diseases. A woman going through an extraordinary transformation! This review is not possible to mention all the thematic gatherings and unique for its healing properties of herbs.

Most of the fees is not specifically contraindicated, but they should be used with care, listening to individual response. Do not chase the immediate effect. Thoughtful, good treatment to the healing recipes Tibetan sages will allow to obtain the coveted result.