The Most Useful Tea Ever

The Most Useful Tea Ever

Some people sincerely believe that the real tea drinkers something very reminiscent of the “drunks”. To some extent, this statement is a grain of truth because tea contains a substance like caffeine.

So, tea drinking vast majority of the inhabitants of our planet. According to some estimates we are talking about 90% of the population! This means that nine out of ten drink tea people.

Well, that’s a lot. However, not all tea lovers know for certain about the real beneficial properties of this drink. Do not cease and perennial debate about what kind of tea useful.

However, it is clear to all that tea allows you to quench your thirst, valued memorable tart taste, cleanses the body of toxins, toxins and become a healer for many diseases.

What is the secret of tea?

Tea is known to be a natural antioxidant. It’s kind of prophylactic against cancer.

In addition, this aromatic drink is able to prolong youth, to postpone aging of the whole body as possible, as well as it is largest organ – the skin.

The tea has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, thyroid gland, muscles and skin.

It is for such features even in the East in ancient times, tea was appreciated and well-known philosopher and physician Ibn Sina said that “tea refreshes the body, strengthens the spirit, softens the heart, awakens the mind, drives away indolence.”
It remains to find out what tea is useful, and what you should choose.

Black tea

All Together red Chinese tea was called “black” for the characteristic color of the drink. It contains the largest proportion of caffeine compared to other kinds of tea. This body receives a charge of vivacity, and doctors recommend drinking a cup of tea to those who suffer from hypotension (low blood pressure).

Puer tea

Pu-erh tea – a true black tea, which is properly maintained for several years, it is important to compliance with certain conditions. The longer the tea is sustained, so much more valuable than all its qualities.

This the only tea that is not forbidden to drink for people suffering from gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.
That’s the first response received: Puer is the most useful (and, in fact, permissible) for the lady’s finger.

Drink this drink – a pleasure, because he has an indescribable aroma and taste. Some notices that the tea flavor is similar to the smell of the earth.

In addition to being useful Puer ulcer, it is also recommended to use in order to reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood, as well as the purification of the vessel walls. Tea has also diuretic, though these tersely it is better to use sugar.

Puer contains such trace elements that repeatedly reduces the risk of cancer, he is fighting against cancer cells, contributes to lower blood sugar levels, and reduce stomach acidity.

White tea

This drink earlier than his “brothers” became known to mankind. It is a kind of white and began our acquaintance with the world of tea. White called collected the first shoots of tea mixed with buds.

In our country, this tea is not as popular as green or black, but worldwide it enjoys continued popularity.
The most common and well-known types of white tea are called white peony, silver thread, white Egyptian tea, longevity eyebrow.

This white tea is considered worldwide the most useful and popular. This is simply because the white kind of tea is not subjected to any treatment, a long time is not stored, and therefore, preserves and brings to man a maximum of useful substances and vitamins.
A fresh sheet of white tea contains vitamins C, B1 and P, a huge number of antiaksidants. These substances fight cancer cells, atherosclerosis, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, prevents them from wear.

In addition, those who made it a rule at least once a day to pamper yourself a cup of white tea, help the body better absorb calcium.

It is ideal for pregnant women because of its composition, he has almost no caffeine.

This drink also prevents tooth decay, as well as impartial plaque.

Green tea

Green tea since ancient times was considered a source of strength, is now known for certain that he is the source of immunity. It also saves a person from depression, strengthens the nervous system, normalizes sleep, activates the brain and heart. In my article about the beneficial properties of green tea, you can find out more details. And how to do it in an article about the secrets of tea. Come on relevant links.

Oolong Tea

This drink some experts attributed to red teas, and some – to the turquoise varieties. Some of the same and does it stand out in a special group, separate species. However, you can determine exactly what this view is halfway between green and red teas.

There are various types of tea: ginseng, honey, lemon, Te Guanyin, Da Hong Pao, wild orchid, milk.

Oolong tea slows down the aging process, it is recommended for overweight people as it copes with obesity, improves the condition of muscles and skin, boosts immunity, and has a restorative effect on the entire body.
Rooibos Tea.

Rooibos cannot be attributed to the end to the varieties of tea. Rather, it is a drink native to southern Africa. Rooibos bush Refers to the legume family.