Lime Blossom Tea – a Drug Given by nature

Lime Blossom Tea – a Drug Given by Nature

Traditional medicine has long been known for its incredible potential because a variety of herbs, roots, leaves have a really invigorating effect on the human body. The plants, which are recognized by folk wisdom genuine healers, quite a lot, but linden occupies a leading position.

Thus, linden tea flowers recognized as a medicament even official medicine.

This is due to the fact that fake flowers are a real storehouse of nutrients. They contain components such as flavonievye glycosides, vitamin C, carotene, tiliatsin, kaempferol, quercetin, and many other trace elements.

Indications for linden tea

With such a rich chemical composition of tea with lime have a broad spectrum of action. They are used:
as the prevention of colds. If the disease does come into its own, the lime broth will help strengthen the perspiration and reduce the temperature. This tea can be given even to drink children because it is a natural remedy; in the gastro-intestinal diseases.
Linden tea has anti-inflammatory, and an antibacterial effect, so it is especially necessary to use for gastritis, cramps, flatulence. It contributes to the normalization of the duodenum, it stimulates the production of bile, helping establish the secretory function of the stomach.

Linden tea has a powerful antimicrobial effect, so the use of its broth ensures freedom from disease-causing microorganisms that live in the digestive tract;
in inflammatory processes in the oral cavity (tonsillitis and stomatitis);
headaches. Tea with lime can improve cerebral blood circulation, reduce the likelihood of syncope, have a sedative effect;
to strengthen the immune system;
bronchitis as an expectorant, tracheitis, an inflammation of the lungs;
menstrual irregularities and dysfunctions of the female reproductive system.

Linden tea not only has a tonic effect on the body, but also anti-aging effect. This is due to the presence of color linden phytohormones.
Its healing properties are, and the ability to eliminate congestion, diluting the blood.
According to popular belief, lime can be a real guardian of love and material wealth in the family, so healers advised to use lime tea to both spouses as a preventive measure to preserve harmony and love.

Contraindications to the use of linden tea

Linden teas are healing tool created by the wisdom of nature, so they can eat all people without exception, including pregnant women.

However, it is necessary to observe moderation in its use. For example, for people suffering from heart disease, it is necessary to limit the number of drunk lime tea. The recommendation is due to the strong diaphoretic effect that “core” can be dangerous.

With long-term and systematic use of lime tea sedative effect may be replaced by an opposite process, ie, instead of calming the nervous system come in excitement.

You should also be careful with allergies because linden sometimes cause unpleasant allergic reactions. During pregnancy, drinking lime broth better with the permission of your doctor.

How to collect linden blossom

For the preparation of high-quality lime tea to properly collect linden blossom.

It is collected in June and July, when the flowers are fully open, but the process of decay has not yet begun. After gathering flowers should be dried immediately, for that they are laid out on a clean and dry surface.
The flowers are dried in the particulate form is not within a few days. Once they become brittle, they are folded into bags, cotton or glass containers and stored in a dark place with low humidity.
Optimal shelf life – one year after that useful properties of lime blossom have subsided.

Terms of lime blossom tea drinking

To tea from linden had really curative effect, it should be properly brew.
Brewing rules differ depending on the specific disease.
So, if worried about a sore throat, you will need to fill in one and a half tablespoons lime color one glass of water. The mixture must sit for 20 minutes, after which it is necessary to thoroughly drain. Drink this tea before going to bed, about 1-2 a glass.
As an expectorant for bronchitis in lime tea need to add chamomile, elderberry in equal shares. In 1 cup boiling water 1 tablespoon consumed dry mix. The broth is boiled for 10 minutes, insist 15-20 minutes and strain. The resulting tea used 2-3 times a day is required hot. The rate of admission at a time – 1-2 cups.

For pain relief during PMS, menstrual irregularities preparing broth in a ratio of 1 tablespoon linden flowers to 1 cup of water. The mixture is boiled for about 10 minutes, strain and drink at night in a volume of 2 glasses. As a climax delaying recommended drink linden tea courses for six months in the mornings.
To improve the taste in lime tea, you can add honey, but should refrain from adding sugar because it can disrupt the delicate balance of trace elements in tea. It is undesirable to drink tea with lime before going out, as the effect is greatly reduced.

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