Jasmine Tea – an Undeniable Benefit to the Organism

Jasmine Tea – an Undeniable Benefit to the Organism

The first mention of jasmine tea belong to the 1st millennium BC, during the reign of the dynasty in China Suni. Until now, the main center of production of this variety is Funtszyan Province, which is located in the south-east of the country.

Jasmine is considered “emperor” in the world of colors, and in China it is a symbol of grace, femininity and love.

Tea with jasmine – one of the most popular varieties. Many people know about it, it is very useful, healing tea, it eases pain in the abdomen.

This variety is known around the world, drink it as a standalone drink, you can also add it to other varieties. Buy this type of tea can be in specialized tea shops or large supermarkets.

What is the difference between this variety from the others?
It consists of a dried tea leaves also incorporates jasmine pitch. This flower is collected only in the spring, during the night because at this time it blooms.

Store the flowers at a certain temperature and humidity until the next harvest. If you collect them at the wrong time, the drink will not be as flavorful.

Usually blended with jasmine green tea, the combination is considered the most delicious because the components emphasize the taste and enhance the flavor of each other. Jasmine also can be combined with white and even more rarely with black tea, as the latter is composed of a lot of tannin, which nullifies all the qualities of jasmine.

After mixing varieties, begins the process of extraction of essential oils and active ingredients of jasmine and saturation of green tea. Boxes with the finished product is usually filled with flowers, but this is usually for decoration because they already tend to have neither taste nor smell because all the material left in the tea.

Just as the petals unfold if absorbed water, it looks very nice, it is like to see most people.

To brew a delicious drink jasmine, it is necessary to keep some tricks.

Brew it should be in a separate teapot. Green tea cannot be a very long time brewing because it becomes bitter, it is necessary to remember . In addition, the water temperature should be considered, if it is too high, the flavor will not be as strong as required.

Remember that the leaves should be small and young, younger than they are, the softer flavor you get. To choose the right high-quality jasmine tea, you need to remember two things:

smell the flowers should be pleasant and persistent, but not cloying, natural, from them should not be given artificial essence.pay attention to green tea – it should consist of tea buds or from very young tea leaves.
Choosing the right jasmine tea, you’re sure to get the most nutrients that are found in jasmine and green tea. Keep this tea should be in a dark place at the optimum temperature to 5 degrees, with humidity less than 70%.
I want to tell you about the beneficial effects that jasmine tea has on the human body.

First of all it is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect your body from the harmful effects of free radicals – the form of molecules or atoms, which contains 1 or 2 unpaired electrons.
In the process of interaction with the human body they take electrons from other molecules to make up for the shortage of its own, which adversely affects the human cells, accelerating the aging process. Another positive effect is the regular consumption of tea with jasmine has beneficial effects on the body, contributing to weight loss. This is due to a synergistic combination of caffeine and antioxidants, especially catechine.

This drink is recommended for people who are on a diet because of its sweet, natural flavor, even those who regularly drank tea with sugar. Eat Drink with jasmine possible without the addition of sweets because it itself is sweet.
Another positive aspect is that the tea with jasmine displays cholesterol and burns fat. It is also worth noting that jasmine tea helps prevent cancer. Invaluable medicinal properties of jasmine you get, even breathing in his incomparable flavor.

This property jasmine drink was confirmed in an experiment carried out in 2005 on rats who were given tea with jasmine and DMBA was administered a substance that provokes the appearance of cancerous tumors.
After being tested as a result of his analysis revealed that Jasmine has beneficial effect on the body of rats and had a strong resistance to this substance.
It is also worth remembering that jasmine tea has a soothing property. In aromatherapy for a long time it is believed that jasmine oil soothes, and now as a mild sedative you can use jasmine drink.

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