Green Tea Slimming Down

Green Tea Slimming Down

Green tea also has the name of the drink in China Emperors and gained its popularity since ancient times for its healing properties.
For the first time the Chinese began to use it, but now the people of Japan are not inferior to them for the tea ceremony and the number of drink tea.
Currently, green tea is widely used around the world.

One of the unique properties of this drink is to help in the process of losing weight.

Benefits and properties of green tea

Scientists working in the Japanese Cancer Institute, found that the daily use of green tea the risk of cancers is significantly reduced. Also, the use of the teas is in the cleavage and purification of vessels from cholesterol clusters of cells.
In addition, green tea for weight loss can bring many more benefits due to its properties.

• Giving the elasticity of blood vessels;

• normalization of functioning of cardie – vascular system;

• Reducing the level of pressure;

• Protection of heart attack, stroke, and atherosclerosis;

• Protection of the liver from obesity opportunities;

• Accelerate the exchange of human substances;

• Reducing hunger;

• Reduction in blood sugar;

• The burning of fat.

In addition, it brings huge benefits of tea consumption for weight loss and for cosmetic purposes. It helps to eliminate dandruff, bags under the eyes and acne.
After listing all the properties of green tea, there is no doubt that losing weight with the help possible.
In addition, one will lose weight useful and effective diet based on the use of green tea or a special day of fasting on this drink.

Diet Green Tea

A diet helps lose weight, has a major, a remarkable property – extra weight will leave the body quickly, it does not have to exert any – any special effort to fully get rid of fat. This happens due to improved metabolic function. Suffice it to perform some very simple conditions.

• Reduce the amount of fat and fatty foods in the diet;
• Completely abandon the flour and sweet products;
• Do not eat after seven o’clock in the evening or the last meal should take place at least two or three hours until bedtime;
• It is necessary to perform simple daily exercise;
• Consuming a green tea, it is forbidden to add sweetener and sugar in it;
• Use at least four cups of tea a day is mandatory. It is worth to remember that thirty minutes before each meal to drink one cup;
• Apply a cold drink will increase the number of calories expended.


No matter how much good did not bring the use of green tea for weight loss or a combination of it with simple diet, helps lose weight, this delicious drink does have contraindications.

• Do not use green tea for people who have high or low blood pressure;
• Pregnancy is also one of contraindications, as any grade green tea contains a sufficiently large number of components such as caffeine;
• Gastritis;
• Peptic ulcer disease;
• May cause acidity in people who have, or any gastric – intestinal tract;
• When mixing green tea and alcoholic beverages may have adverse effects on the kidneys;
• Glaucoma;
• Gout;
• Rheumatoid arthritis;
• Availability of over excitement or insomnia. These contraindications are also caused by the presence in the composition of healthy and tasty tea beverage caffeine, which stimulates the functioning of the nervous system.

Use of green tea should not be excessive, as well as the amount of food eaten.
Harm and benefits of any product is conditional, so it is not necessary to convert the unique tea drink, which has a large number of extremely useful features in an enemy to your body and health.