Tea with Raspberries – the Best and Reliable Assistant for Colds

Tea with raspberries – the best and reliable assistant for colds

Greetings to all! Today, female site – all about the usefulness of raspberry tea.

Sweet drink – tea with raspberry familiar to us since childhood. Malina is the only drug that little kids can eat in unlimited quantities.

What is so useful raspberries and how it is used in influenza and other diseases? The most common is ingested raspberry tea with raspberries.

Vitamin C and folic acid, which are contained in the berries, strengthens the immune system, protects cells from oxidation and slow down aging.
Vitamin C helps the body more easily absorb the iron contained in raspberries. And it’s very good for anemia.

Pectins that are part of a raspberry, bind and remove from the body of metal salts and radicals. This berry displays the last much better than blackberries and currants.

The raspberries have beta-sitosterol. This particular substance, not giving cholesterol deposited in the walls of blood vessels. And this, in turn, prevents sclerosis. In the same action the leaves and berries.

Tea with a raspberry is very good for inflammation in the joints caused by arthritis or gout. Scientists have found that a person needs to eat two kilograms of raspberries a year. Therefore, when it is the season of fruiting, it is possible to eat more fruit and stock up on it for the winter. You can make it into jam, freeze or to dry for the winter.

The benefits of the use of folk remedies is not only nutrients, but also in part of the decision. A single dose of tea with raspberries are unlikely to save the situation. It is necessary to drink it as much as possible, then the effect will not take long.

Also, the main thing – do not overdo it. On the day of drinking need to two liters of therapeutic drink. Because more and more lead to kidney disorder.

Raspberries in large quantities is contraindicated in people with heart disease. It causes dizziness, weakness and arrhythmia’s. And you can not use aspirin immediately and raspberries.
Berries themselves, of course, are good for our health.

But it is equally useful raspberry leaves. They are dried in a dark place and then stored in paper bags. This is a very valuable raw material, which is sure to help cure some diseases.

How to make healing tea from the leaves of raspberry?

It is necessary to follow this recipe: in a teapot poured two teaspoons of leaves, pour boiling water (two cups) and cover with a lid. Herbal tea is necessary to insist ten minutes. Then poured into cups. The taste you can add sugar or honey. For the reproductive organs such tea is especially useful.

Raspberry is very popular among the remaining berries. Jam made of this berry is used not only as a cure but also as a dessert. Sweet and fragrant raspberries always attracts its aroma and extraordinary taste, both fresh and processed.

Since ancient times, this berry is very revered among the people. It is used not only in Russia, but also in many other countries. By combining the beneficial properties and unsurpassed taste, eat raspberries, not only to heal, but also just for fun.

Tea with the Malinke for colds is a proven and reliable tool that is used for hundreds of years.

Berry can help to cure cough, stop the inflammatory processes that make up the deficiency of vitamins and more.
Raspberry warn anemia and leukemia. When cooking jam this wonderful berry preserves many useful properties. And much better than the rest. From all colds tea with raspberry jam – the best way out.

Also, raspberry drink will help to reduce the heat. One has only to often drink tea or vodka (mada mi nema puno smisla), mix with a couple of teaspoons of jam. Firstly, the temperature always needs to drink plenty of fluids. A magical properties contained in raspberries, help to speed up recovery.
Especially good is a means of helping nursing mothers who cannot drink the medicine. This is an excellent way out of such a predicament. The main thing that the baby did not have an allergy to this fruit.

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