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22 teas for weight loss – choose the best !!!

22 teas for weight loss – choose the best !!! For most people, the tea – it is a regular drink, they do not see the difference between black, white, green or red varieties. For them, the tea – it is finely minced powder, packed in bags of «Lipton» inscription, or a sweetened drink, poured into plastic bottles, which are sold in supermarkets. Some people like to drink tea more […]

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Teas for Lose Weight Fast

Any special diets and diet pills are powerless, if violated the metabolic processes, and the processes of synthesis and accumulation dominate decay, causing the accumulation of fat. Guaranteed to help you lose a few extra kilos and useful at the same time delicious teas for weight loss. These teas are made of special herbal improve metabolism, helping to break down the fat contained in the body. This effect is often […]

dandelion magic herb for everyone

Teas for cleaning

Teas for cleaning Today in the pharmacy you can buy almost any drug, including tea to cleanse the body. You can also make it yourself and at home. To do this, you need only to purchase the required components. What will help cleanse the body of toxins and improve health? Options cleansing teas a lot, let’s look at just the most popular ones. Tea made from horsetail. Brew tea from […]

Raspberry Peach Smoothie

Tea with raspberries – the best and reliable assistant for colds.

Tea with raspberries – the best and reliable assistant for colds. Greetings to all! Today, female site – all about the usefulness of raspberry tea. Sweet drink – tea with raspberry familiar to us since childhood. Malina is the only drug that little kids can eat in unlimited quantities. What is so useful raspberries and how it is used in influenza and other diseases? The most common is ingested raspberry […]

tibetian tea for strong heart

Tibetan tea

Tibetan tea Tibetan tea – a unique set of healing properties for the health! Tibetan tea is a whole series of collections of herbs in traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions. The proportion of different herbs in the recipe for centuries have been verified by practice. The composition of the commission included plants and herbs in pure form, without synthetic impurities and adding flavorings. Tibetan tea in a modern design harmoniously combine […]

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Tea Soursop

Tea Soursop Some manufacturers appeared novelty – Soursop tea. In fact, this addition of soursop fruit in the green tea leaf. This drink has a taste that found many fans. The tea, a favorite with many people, not only has exquisite taste. Due to its composition it brings great benefit to the human body, which is to talk separately. Tea benefits After adding Soursop to Green Tea, the beverage begins […]