dandelion-best tea for stomach

Tea recept for cleaning the colon

In this text, we offer simple natural recipes for cleansing the colon and the bowel in general. Medicinal plants, which are the main ingredients of the following teas, are desirable for each house to have. We suggest that you write down these recipes, so that you will always be at your fingertips. 1. Tea from ginger and artichoke The combination of these two plants can surprise you. This medicinal tea […]

The leaves of sage herb for stomach - tea "Gastrointestinal"

tea “Gastrointestinal”

tea “Gastrointestinal” Scientific-production pharmaceutical company “Aim” is engaged in the development and creation of new original drugs, having in its composition of only natural (plant and animal) components, medicinal properties have long been used in traditional and folk medicine. The composition of tea “Gastrointestinal” includes 15 species of medicinal plants, have long been used in scientific and folk medicine for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and contains a varied composition […]

Your kidneys like this so much 3 - Clean the bowels with these teas !

Clean the bowels with these teas !

For cleaning hoses using the tea of ??the following herbs: peppermint, camomile, tansy, dandelion root, buckthorn bark, flax seeds, plantain, wormwood, senna leaves. Take all herbs in equal proportions, prepare a broth. The best way is brew it in a thermos. If we proceed a process of boiling, many of the nutrients destroyed by boiling. Recommended to clean the liver. Cleansing tea can cleanse the bowels of debris and toxins, […]

alfalfa to herb for slimming - Herbs for weight loss and loss of appetite

Herbs for weight loss and loss of appetite

Herbs for weight loss and loss of appetite People from ancient times used herbs for a variety of purposes. They filled pillows and duvets, with the help of herbs treated with various diseases, covered with them on the roof of the houses, and fed animals. Different types of herbs were given to people to use them, longevity, beauty and health. Even in today’s society, where progress is thriving and diverse […]

lungwort the very good plant for lungsjpg 1 300x199 - Cleansing the lungs (the best way)

Cleansing the lungs (the best way)

Lungs in the body are vital organ, so it is important to pay special attention to cleansing the lungs. The first step is to quit smoking if you have not done yet. Many respiratory and pulmonary diseases occur just because of the pollution by harmful substances. Everyone knows that the lungs may be contaminated not only smoke, but also from harmful substances in the air. Therefore, it is necessary to […]

Lobelia for our lungsjpg 1 - 8 of the best herbs to cleanse the lungs

8 of the best herbs to cleanse the lungs

For health and cleanse the lungs suitable herbs that possess a number of advantages. They can be expectorant, i.e. allowing to remove mucus from the lungs and increase blood flow to the breasts. Some herbs help soothe irritated nasal passages and airways. Let’s look at eight of the best herbs that are ideal for health and cleanse the respiratory system! 1. Osha Root Osha Root grows in mountainous and rocky […]