Licorice Root as Cough Remedy

Licorice Root for Cough

Hippocrates and Avicenna wrote about the miraculous properties of licorice horse, which helped in the treatment of many diseases. This plant comes in a variety of recipes of traditional medicine. It consists of a large number of different substances, which help during the implementation of the treatment. The most popular method is the use of licorice root treatment of all types of cough. This becomes possible due to glycyrrhizic acid and glycyrrhizin, which has mucolytic and expectorant effect.

Furthermore, the root part of the plant, there are other substances that assist in the treatment of catarrhal diseases character.

Licorice root of any cough. Properties that are useful for the treatment of diseases
Naked licorice grows almost throughout the middle lane. Since ancient times, this plant has found its application in the form of fees, which include the root to treat many types of diseases, Also in folk medicine is an amazing plant has been used in the presence of problems in the gastro – intestinal tract, and also as an excellent diuretic and even cholagogue. Scientists have conducted several studies and proved the benefits of licorice in medicine, which was due to its unique properties.

One of the main properties of the plant is to accelerate the separation and liquefaction of sputum, which allowed to start the application from the licorice root in the treatment of many diseases in the respiratory tract.

– Tracheitis.

– Bronchitis.

– Pneumonia and other diseases.

Licorice also has antispasmodic properties. Through its use can significantly ease your breathing, coughing away and relax the smooth muscles of the bronchi.

In addition, licorice root can restore water and salt balance in the body, which is very important with increasing body temperature.
Active substances that are composed plants, enhance the natural protection of the body from various infections, and also have the effect of strengthening the immune system. The use of syrups and infusions with licorice root helps provide antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

Licorice root of any cough. Application
In any pharmacy, there are several types of drugs by the roots of licorice, which greatly facilitates the choice of drug for patients of all ages. For the treatment of children is most commonly used syrup from the root of this wonderful plant. In addition to quite a pleasant taste, it may be used by children, whose age is more than three years. It is only necessary to strictly follow the instructions that came with the drug. This drug has the effect of strengthening the work of the secretory functions of the mucous membranes, which facilitates expectoration process.

Because of its amazing properties, licorice can also be used as a decoction that is quite common among followers of the application of various recipes of traditional medicine. To prepare this decoction should be purchased at any pharmacy powder of this plant. It is necessary to pour one tablespoon of powder with one cup of boiling water and cook in the pore bath for thirty minutes. Ten minutes later, the broth should be carefully drain and pour the boiled water to the level of two hundred milliliters. This means you need to take four times a day for fifty milliliters before each meal.

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