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dandelion magic herb for everyone 2 - Cleansing teas

Cleansing teas

Because the human body can not completely get rid of the toxins during the years of the life, in this case should be a conscious human intervention. So human intervention in the functioning of his body may be cleansing teas, which we will described further. So, these teas are designed to spur the body to work actively to get rid of toxins. The effect of such teas is quite soft, […]

sousop tea for our health 300x240 - Tea Soursop

Tea Soursop

Tea Soursop Some manufacturers appeared novelty – Soursop tea. In fact, this addition of soursop fruit in the green tea leaf. This drink has a taste that found many fans. The tea, a favorite with many people, not only has exquisite taste. Due to its composition it brings great benefit to the human body, which is to talk separately. Tea benefits After adding Soursop to Green Tea, the beverage begins […]

licorice root tea 300x200 - Licorice root for ANY OF COUGH

Licorice root for ANY OF COUGH

Licorice root for ANY OF COUGH Hippocrates and Avicenna wrote about the miraculous properties of licorice horse, which helped in the treatment of many diseases. This plant comes in a variety of recipes of traditional medicine. It consists of a large number of different substances, which help during the implementation of the treatment. The most popular method is the use of licorice root treatment of all types of cough. This […]

Eucalyptus herb for lungs 1 225x300 - 8 of the best herbs to cleanse the lungs

8 of the best herbs to cleanse the lungs

For health and cleanse the lungs suitable herbs that possess a number of advantages. They can be expectorant, i.e. allowing to remove mucus from the lungs and increase blood flow to the breasts. Some herbs help soothe irritated nasal passages and airways. Let’s look at eight of the best herbs that are ideal for health and cleanse the respiratory system! 1. Osha Root Osha Root grows in mountainous and rocky […]

Tea mate for detox


TEA MATE Not everyone knows that you can get a great energy boost, drinking a cup of tea mate. This variety of green tea is made from the crushed leaves and shoots of the Paraguayan holly. However, apart from the tonic effect, is also effective use of this drink for losing weight. It is necessary to learn more about the benefits of Yerba mate and how to cook it properly. […]