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oolong tea 300x220 - Most-most-most useful tea

Most-most-most useful tea

Most-most-most useful tea. Some people sincerely believe that the real tea drinkers something very reminiscent of the “drunks”. To some extent, this statement is a grain of truth because tea contains a substance like caffeine. So, tea drinking vast majority of the inhabitants of our planet. According to some estimates we are talking about 90% of the population! This means that nine out of ten drink tea people. Well, that’s […]

juices for cleaning the kidneys 4 300x168 - These herbs improves metabolism!

These herbs improves metabolism!

These herbs improves metabolism! Before the advent of the traditional branches of medicine people were treated using the herbs themselves. First of all it says about the proximity of man and nature, he could use the gifts of the earth. Today, herbal medicine is practiced mainly sorcerers and shamans, and in fact if you find the correct application of the most common herbs, you can recover from even the most […]

Tea against cold, snuff and sinus inflammation - mint

Tea for high temperature,colds, snuff and sinus inflammation (Home Remedys).

Tea for high temperature,colds, snuff and sinus inflammation (Home Remedys). This DIY sinus remedy is concentrated and will help clear out nasal passages as well as offer anti-inflammatory benefits. The apple cider vinegar might be irritating if your throat is sore, so start with less and add more. The honey is there to cut the acid and help soothe. The cayenne is ultra spicy and will make your nose run. […]

Tea mate for detox


TEA MATE Not everyone knows that you can get a great energy boost, drinking a cup of tea mate. This variety of green tea is made from the crushed leaves and shoots of the Paraguayan holly. However, apart from the tonic effect, is also effective use of this drink for losing weight. It is necessary to learn more about the benefits of Yerba mate and how to cook it properly. […]

they know what is the best tea Tibetian tea

Tibetan tea

Tibetan tea Tibetan tea – a unique set of healing properties for the health! Tibetan tea is a whole series of collections of herbs in traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions. The proportion of different herbs in the recipe for centuries have been verified by practice. The composition of the commission included plants and herbs in pure form, without synthetic impurities and adding flavorings. Tibetan tea in a modern design harmoniously combine […]