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Beneficial Drinks for People with Diabetes or Prediabetes

If you or someone you love or know have diabetes or pre diabetes, it means that you have to be aware of everything you drink and eat. It is crucial to know how food and drinks affect your blood sugar level. There are a lot of natural teas and drink varieties to choose from. Some of which can be included into diabetes diet. 

If you or your relatives takes medication for diabetes such as Tresiba, Toujeo, Lantus or any other insulin containing drugs, you must consult with your doctor before start drinking any herbal tea.

Certain herbal teas may be especially beneficial for people with pre diabetes or diabetes type 1, or diabetes type 2. Such drinks can help promote blood sugar level control. It also can reduce inflammation. All these things are necessary for diabetes management.

Briefly about Prediabetes and Diabetes – Symptoms and Types

When we talk about prediabetes, there are no specific symptoms. Therefore, people may have it and not know it. It is very important to understand. Because before people develop diabetes type 2, they always have prediabetes. The main symptom can be your blood sugar level that is higher than normal. But a glucometer does not show this level high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes.

Unfortunately, according to CDC nearly 1.5 million Americans have type 1 diabetes and there are about 185,000 children among them. Therefore, diabetes type 1 can occur at every age and in people of every race. If you are one of them, you can find people who can support you.

Shortly about symptoms of diabetes type 1 – the body does not produce insulin. The human digestive system breaks down the carbohydrates from food into blood sugar and your body uses it for energy. Insulin is a hormone that get glucose from the bloodstream into the body cells. You can learn everything you need to thrive. Consult with your doctor, insulin therapy, other treatments and diabetes medications can help you manage this disease. You can live a normal life but you need a proper diabetes diet and healthy drinks.